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• Players can arrive from 4pm onwards on the Friday of the event.


• Character sheets should be emailed to


• Typically time in on Friday is 7pm – 2am, Saturday 10am – 2am and Sunday 10am – 3pm. Subject to change.


• Sleeping arrangements - there is an O.O.C area where you may pitch your tent. You will be guided to both this and the car parking area on arrival by the Games team.


• Mulligan - If you have created a character and played your first event and your not quite happy with its design, you can alter it (after your characters first event only) by sending your request through to


• XP and Monstering - When you need to do your 2 hours monstering per weekend to get your XP, head straight to the monster room. This can be in one instalment or divided up - You maybe asked if you could come back at a particular time, to play particular roles, monster team will discuss this with you. If you are a non combatant player please let the monster team know, there are plenty of roles to play.


• For all monstering please turn up in basic neutral kit with a Larp safe foam weapon(s) of your choice eg. Swords, daggers, axes, pole-arms etc... Make sure you have appropriate footwear and warm layers.


• Tickets are not sent out to players, once you have booked through the the webpage your name will be added to the attendance list.


• If you have any problems IC/OOC security or medical problems please report to the Games Masters desk and/or follow the appropriate calls if required in the rules book.


• If you would like to bring an IC tent for you or your group, you must let the Games team know before the event so that we can ensure that there is an appropriate space set aside for you. If part of your structure requires being made OOC, you must ensure you appropriately sign post the area. Eg. Sleeping compartments of the IC tent.


• Foam dart guns and Larp safe/appropriate weapons are allowed at SteamWeave games, please see the rules books for more guidance.


• After you have completed your monstering slot and the event has ended your XP for that event will then be available for your spending.


• Monstering requirement for learning a skill/creating an item can be done in advancement of the actual learning/creation.


• Injection moulded weapons are on a case by case basis. There are lots of bad examples out there, however there are some really good ones too. Avoid any that are too hard when cold or have a discernable seem running along them which is sometimes prominent enough to slice. We would recommend reputable UK retailers as these tend to be constructed with our weather in mind.


• Melee one handed weapons have to be shorter than 42", small weapons must be smaller than 18" and steamtech melee can look any way you wish as long as it is save and passes weapons check and the weapon must conform to the requirements of size as per normal for regular melee weapons.

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