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Necromancy in SteamWeave is the use of the Weave, the magical force inherent to the world, to create and control the dead. Necromancy allows sorcerers to raise zombies, create ghouls and to even use the life force of other creatures to prolong there own lives. Mages who use the weave in this fashion inevitably become corrupted by it, becoming perhaps a Liche or other Undead abominations. In Averthia Neromancy is universally illegal and punished accordingly. Anyone found practicing it can be guaranteed a quick trial followed by an even swifter death. Green is the colour of necromancy so if you see a creature with a green glow within its eyes you know it to be a Necromancers resurrected fiend. The surest way to kill such creatures is to aim for the heart as this is where the weave truly works its power and brings the Unliving to a semblance of life.

As a player in SteamWeave, necromancy is something that the masses would expect you to fight against and abhor as much as any other. There are however, ways in which if you have the disposition you could learn necromancy and use it in play. Although it is advised to keep this to yourself and certainly not practice it in public. There are circumstances and opportunities for those with such knowledge to utilize that understanding in an effort to better defeat the Unliving. 


"Forewarned is forearmed... Though best bring a Priest, just in case"

- Magister Kessler Elderald.

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