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  • This system uses LARP safe weapons and foam dart guns.

  • There is no need to bring bags of ammo as it will be provided free of charge at events. More than enough for your zombie slaying needs! When yo've fired your gun, collect the spent ammo from the floor ready to re use. Or perhaps, collect it up and bring it to the gunsmiths, because brass shell casings aren't cheap and someone will pay for them!

  • The meld of high fantasy and steampunk gives players a huge scope for outfits and creativity, Want to be an old school armoured knight? why not. Fancy being covered in steamtech with a clockwork arm? Go for it! Perhaps you would rather be somewhere in between? This is your character, its up to you.

  • The primary game focus is on PVE as players work towards the same common goal... Don't let that stop you achieving your own personal agenda however as PVP is definitely a part of the system. 

  • There is a player driven economy with plenty to trade between characters and the in game npc's. Found some ore you want to shift quickly? Go see the blacksmith. Perhaps you need to get a gem cut for something your making and cant find a player with that skill? No worries... Head out and find a jeweler... Just expect to pay a premium rate! 

  • Where do we get the monsters? In this system as an additional requirement towards the roleplay effort of crafting we include a short monstering requirement. This represents your character taking some time out of view polishing their gem stone or forging that sword whilst providing foes for other players to encounter. Players may also get paid a token gesture for this time and it is great fun to be a shambling zombie occasionally! In addition to this, all attendees receive Experience Points to spend in subsequent SteamWeave events upon completion of their designated monstering requirement.  

  • A Common question is will I get shot in the face while monstering? Well we cant guarantee this wont happen and people will get excited. We limit the strength of all Foam Dart Firing Systems to 130 FPS which is not so different from being struck with a Larp appropriate melee weapon. Thankfully most monsters vital areas have been designated the chest area, and there is no benefit at all from shooting someone in the head. This gives player incentive to not aim for the head and in some creatures cases this will result in no damage to the target creature. The monster room does have a supply of eye protection that may be worn for anyone who requests it.

  • How does my character progress? For every event you attend your character will earn xp and can spend this xp at following events at any time. There are many skills you can acquire this way and many others you can learn in play from other players and NPC's.

  • What about the politics? Politics and intrigue are an important part of the game world. Politics are so important in-fact that even though this has skills which affect it, politics are all about interaction and choice. It isn't all about shooting and stabbing things, so if your inspired by the intrigue of court politics then Averthia has everything for you!

  • What about Dart Gun Props? The minimum requirement for foam dart guns are to be painted (however you deem appropriate). This doesn't have to be a work of art, just enough to encourage game immersion. All firearms within SteamWeave are Steamtech creations, and may be of varying and unique appearance.

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