Here you can find information of our upcoming events, wHere they are, when they are and how much they are. You can even buy your ticket online. All thats left to do then is get your chararcter and kit ready for adventure!

For more information about the onsite facilities at the events please visit:

All events this year are hosted at The Grange who will also be providing catering, which can be booked through their website

Due to the horror theme of Steamweave all events are 18+

Welcome to the Steamweave booking page!

Our events are set at £55.00 per event this year, with the cost of a Covid – 19 Lateral Test included in this fee. Should testing be removed at a later date, we will refund each attendee the £5.00 fee or instead donate this to the monster room as desired by each attendee.

On arrival, attendees will be required to take our Lateral Covid Testing prior to entry into the event site. This test will require a wait for up to ½ hour to attain the results. A clear result ensures the attendee will be admitted to the event site, whilst a fail will omit the attendee from entering the site - unfortunately to protect our attendees, volunteers and staff. Naturally should this be the case, that attendee will receive an automatic refund as per our Covid 19 booking promise below.


Covid 19 Booking Promise:


We realise, empathise and truly understand that this pandemic has been, and continues to be, experienced differently by everyone on an individual basis. Therefore we understand just how unreasonable it would be to encourage individuals to attend if, at any point after booking, they feel uncertain about attending any of this year’s events for any reason. Therefore this year we will allow you to claim a refund, or roll any ticket forward to a later event date, any event not attended without question. You are welcome to request the refund / roll forward at any point before or on the day of any event that you do not / cannot attend.


If we are forced to cancel the events in line with changing government guidance we will offer each attendee a full refund unless they prefer to roll their booking forward to any future event – this will simply be credited to their account and available to redeem in the 2022 season. Individuals who previously purchased tickets for the 2020 season may elect to ‘redeem them’ against any of the dates provided for 2021, or may choose instead to roll any / all forwards to the 2022 season.

If you require a refund for any reason, then please contact us by emailing us at with your full name and the details provided at the point of booking and we will action this.


If, the week prior to an event, you decide to claim a refund, please bear with us and allow us the time to return from the event before we process refunds. Our ability to do so ‘on site’ is severely restricted.

Event One Springtide

Unavailable Due to Civid-19

Event Two Pre-book Only. £55 

9th July - 11th July

Midsummer: Lure of the Wild.

“The spring thaw drives the deep snow from the lands, reopening the pathways. Onward once more unto adventure! We hope your weapons have remained sharp and your armour rust free. Whether you are new to Steamweave or a regular, beware – martial prowess alone will not save you. 9th – 11th July 2021

Event Three Pre-Book Only. £55

30th July - 1st August

Evenfall: Ruins & Riches.

As the summer turns to autumn where will the alliance cartel find itself? That, is entirely up to YOU… Ruins and riches await, will you help the alliance cartel to secure them? Dangerous things haunt the ruins of Averthia, the alliance cartel needs you! 30th July - 1st August 2021

All our Events next year are being Hosted at The Grange

Frogmore Grange

Frog Lane

Balsall Common

West Midlands 



We strongly recommend you follow this link to their website for more detailed directions and advice for getting to the site

Event Four Pre-book Only. £55

29th October  - 31st October

Wintertide: All Hallows Eve.

The time of year when the weave thins between the planes. The Infernal realm and the realms of Unlife move uncomfortably close. For many this is a time for fear and superstition, others an opportunity. There will be a ball, there will be adventure, and there will be death. 

Come join us

29th October - 31st October