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Dark Pact

As Rifts from the demonic realms have started opening sporadically around the world the races of Averthia have quickly come to understand the true evil of the demonic Dark Pact. For Demons are the whispering voices fueling dark thoughts in the mind of a maddened killer and why men and women wake in cold sweats fearfully glancing to the shadows in terror. The terrors of the Infernal Realm are ever skulking in the background of the world waiting to posses the minds of those evil in heart or weak in spirit.


A Demonic zombie is nothing like those of the necrotic kind. The recently deceased are a tempting invitation to the denizens of the Infernal Realms. An unguarded and soulless corpse is an easy host for the eternal fiends to posses. These can move quickly and are capable of calm calculated action as the demon inhabiting them tries to make the most of their possessed corpse suit before it inevitably burn out, returning them to the Demonic Realm once more. 


The Imps are more terrifying still, as the embodiment of a demon they are sneaky and devious creatures. They seek to manipulate the minds of men, delighting in forcing others to serve their bidding for the promise of power or riches. As Imps perform terrible deeds, this strengthens their form making them more powerful the longer they are left unchallenged. Many a Wizard has risked their very soul seeking out demonic possession or summoning greater evils in the vain hope of terrible power. There are precious few mortals who have the strength of will to hold Demonic entities in check, and fewer still survive such an affront to the greatest of evils, who remember such discourtesy with an eternal malice.     


As a player in SteamWeave it is possible to become possessed by a demon. If you perform evil acts you will soon gain the attention of the denizens of the Infernal Realm, seeing you as a potential host. This does not mean they will succeed, however such infernal attention could be detrimental to the life of your character. Demonic creatures can ofttimes be identified by the purple glow within there eyes. As with most Unliving creatures the seat of a Demonic entities power lies within the heart and this is where you should aim in the hope of stopping them quickly. 

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