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 Welcome to SteamWeave


Steam Weave is a Gothic Horror larp system featuring a blend of Medieval High Fantasy and Victorian era Steampunk.  

In this setting the players initially form part of an alliance between various Kingdoms whilst working towards a common goal: defeating the evil within the world and closing the ‘Weave Rifts’. Perhaps not all players will be working towards this common goal with secret agendas abound. Outright open hostility is always a possibility. Some players may in fact secretly be in league with the evil forces within the world, or else simply subverting their power to further their own desires.


   Therefore SteamWeave is both a Player Versus Environment (PvE) and a Player Verses Player (PvP) Larp system. Whilst PvP isn’t directly encouraged, players are free to explore their characters agenda and personalities in their own unique way.


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